Facility management is a widely recognized profession/service that involves various disciplines to ensure functionality of the work environment by integrating people, process, place and technology. So it is a process within an organization to maintain the agreed services which support and enhances and encourages its primary targets and goals.

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Facility maintenance service looks after the various sophisticated departments of an organization. A facility manager is held responsible for creating an environment that enhances productivity, is safe and secure, is pleasant for customers and clients, meets government mandates and is work efficient. It is a facility manager’s job only to achieve more with less. The core competencies of facility management are:


·         Communication


·         Emergency preparedness and business continuity


·         Environmental stability


·         Finance and business


·         Human factors


·         Project management


·         Quality


·         Real estate and property management


FM services also furnish engineering and architectural design services for the new work space and also provide input regarding new commodities and information systems.


Role of a facility manager:


Let alone all other responsibilities of facility manager, the top most priority of a facility manager is to keep the people and working place alive and safe. Coming down, an FM has to operate at two levels:


1.       Strategically-tactically: helping clients, customers, and end-users understand the impact of their decisions on the cost, services, space, and business risk.


2.       Operationally:   ensuring corporate and cost effective function.


Why do you need facility services?


Facilities represent a huge part of any company’s assets and expenses. Several reasons are listed below why facility management services are important and why do you need that!


·         Facilities being one of the large parts of your company's assets and since they represent a significant cost of doing business, a Facility Manager has the capability to maximize value and minimize the cost. There are several colleges and schools too which offers courses for Facility Management Professionals.


·         A Facility Management Professional deeply understands the company's business and facility to maximize the productivity.


·         A Facility Manager provides stewardship to lead the industrial environment.


·         A Facility Manager navigates and determines the requirement and mitigates the risk.


Facility Maintenance department guides the company with strategically direction to achieve the results the company needs.





Integrated Facility Management Services Includes:-


Hard Services


§  MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing)

§  Building Management ( BMS )

§  HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning )

§  Plumbing and Water Management 

§  Waste Treatment Plant /Sewage Treatment Plant

§  Minor project works

§  Energy Management

§  Carpentry and Masonry

§  Refrigeration Technology

§  Air Quality Analysis

§  Water Quality Testing


§  Process, Measuring & Control Technology

§  Fit out Works & Renovation

§  Consultancy

§  Project Management

§  Asset Condition Audit

§  Safety Systems

§  HV & LV systems

§  Breakdown Maintenance

§  Preventive Maintenance

§  Routine Maintenance

§  Lighting System





Soft Services


§  Housekeeping Services

§  Mailroom:

§  Pantry

§  Lawn and Garden

§  Guest House

§  One Time Cleaning

§  Environment Management

§  Grounds Maintenance

§  Security

§  Catering Services

§  Pest Control

§  Valet Parking

§  Help Desk

§  Waste Disposal

§  Landscape

§  Service Staff (For ex. Concierge, doormen, bellboy, reception, etc)




Business Support Services


§  Office assistance

§  Front office / Reception

§  Reprographics

§  Document Management


§  Data Entry

§  Fleet Management

§  Pantry Management

§  Help Desk Management

§  Sales and Marketing Resource management





Additional Services: ·


§  Move management (churn)

§  Utility management

§  Pace planning

§  Meeting room services

§  Business risk assessment

§  Contract procurement

§  Archiving

§  Travel booking

§  Business continuity planning

§  Vehicle fleet management

§  Benchmarking

§  Printing services

§  Space management

§  Postal services

§  Performance management

§  Health & Safety advice








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Seema S

Choosing a facility management service Posted on 8/18/2016

While integrating a facility management service, look for the employee service. It ought to relate on your business needs, but not the availability of employees. For instance, if you're looking for developers, check whether the service provider employs experienced developers, but not just an employee with a basic knowledge.

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