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Getting our stationeries printed had always been a fascinating thing for us. People of every age group love to see their stationeries designed and things printed on it; be it a kid or a grown-up. We can have customized design too! And not printing, we can get our products embossed or debossed or many more such patterns to give them a new and unique look.

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People often get fed up with the old design and exterior look of their own stationeries. And when those things are big in size or costlier, then buying a brand new product is a costly thing altogether. And in that case, this stationary printing comes to the rescue. Getting the stationeries printed, rather than buying a new one is a perfect thing in itself.


Few types of stationary printing:

To be noted that this term is not just restricted to the term “printing”. Rather, it could be done in several possible ways. Some of such instances are listed below. Have a look!


Letter press: this method is related to ‘paper’. It is a method of printing many identical copies that requires the characters (same) being impresses upon the page. Print is done in single colour.

Single documents: when a single document needs to be created, it may be hand written or printed by a computer. Several copies of one original can be produced by some printers using multipart stationary.


Thermo-graphic: it is a process that incorporates several stages but can be performed in a low cost process. The process starts with printing the desired designs or texts with an ink which remains wet. The paper is then dusted with a powdered polymer that adheres to the ink. Thereafter, the paper is vacuumed, mechanically or by hand, to remove the excess powder, and then heated to near combustion. The wet ink and polymer get bonded and dry and result in a printed surface (raised) similar to the result of an engraving process.





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Adriana Grey

Do some R&D before going for it Posted on 9/24/2016

1) Be very careful about the design you are choosing for your stationary because once done, can't be undone. 2) Do not forget to do some quality check of the shop you are going to because you certainly would not like to see the design something other than what you actually wanted. Check if you can rely on the guys for the job to be done accurately. R&D is vital!

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