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Digital printing indicates the methods of printing that sources a digital image directly from a variety of media. It commonly refers to specialised printing where small-run works from desktop printing and other digital sources are reproduced using large-format and/or high-volume laser or inkjet printers. When compared to traditional printing methods. Digital printing products which service provider provides are -Business Cards, Letterheads, Catalogues,Brochures, Tags, Stickers, Posters etc.

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Detailed Description for Digital Printing Services

To define digital printing, it is the process of obtaining a necessary electronic file and using this file directly creating your final output print without the tedious process of going to plates or any other type of middle. It can be of either black or colour.

The black version of digital printing is carried out using copiers on the short end and machineries like the Xerox Docutech or the Kodak Digimaster on the tall end. These technologies are capable of @ 100 copies of printing per minute. The main reason behind the popularity of these kind of printers is the fact that provides good quantities at reasonable costs.

As the colour digital printing machines progressed, customers believed this was the future for various uses and purposes. Colour copiers first used CMYK as their four base colours in the toners and this was used to print colour photographs and images.
Colour copiers came first and use toner in the four base colors of CMYK to reproduce color photographs and images. The quality of such were low and hence came toner based machineries such IGen3 and the Nexpress. The quality is very much better than colour copiers.

Why Choose Digital Printing?
Digitally printed products are definitely vibrant, top-quality, and efficient products which can be used for practically anything.
1.    Quick Turnaround: Digital printing eliminates use of plates and this means you do not have to pay for a printing plate for every colour on the label. This enables higher quality when it comes to its products and higher quality graphics attracts attention.
2.    Price: Digital Printing accounts for high quality printing at a reasonable price.
3.    Short Run Labels Capability – This cost benefit is enumerating for comparatively small quantities of custom labels or “short run labels.”
4.    Design Flexibility –Digital printing enables for an amazing experience of design and gives optimum flexibility as we can print anything using digital printing.


Some of the applications of digital printing include:
1.    Desktop publishing: Digital printers have bought in the possibility of printing various desktop and home use documents, photos.
2.    Variable data printing: Digital printing also have made database-driven print files possible that comes handy for the mass personalization of published materials.
3.    Fine art: Digital printing also helps in archival printing methods that include real photograph paper contact prints and giclée prints on watercolour paper using dye based inks.
4.    Print on Demand: Digital printing enables personalized printing such as children's books modified with a child's name, photo posters or any such books.
5.    Advertising: Digital printing is generally used for outdoor banner printing and event signage printing, in trade shows.
6.    Photos: Digital printing has transformed photo printing in terms of enabling retouch and editing a photograph before printing.
7.    Architectural Design: Digital printing has made it possible to design various architectural and abstract designs.

Various Products Include:
1.    Business cards.
2.    Booklet printing.
3.    Brochure printing.
4.    Flat unfinished.
5.    Folded Leaflets.
6.    Large Format.
7.    Posters.
8.    Photo mugs.
9.    Canvas Printing.
10.    Pop up stands.
11.    Banners.
12.    Invites.
13.    Back lit Graphics.

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Finding the right printer Posted on 8/12/2016

Printing business is complex and needs great relationship between the printing service provider. With tight deadlines, ensuring digital printers have excellent communication and working standards is must. Choosing a right printer would make the work simpler in long run.

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