Pallet wood

A pallet wood is a wooden flat transport structure that supports goods in a stable manner while being shifted by a forklift, pallet jack, front loader or a crane. A pallet basically is the structural foundation of a unit load which allows handling and storage efficiency. Their dimension varies from 800mm*1200mm - 1016mm*1219mm and comes in variety of Stringer pallet, block pallet, perimeter pallet.

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Wooden pallets typically consist of three or four stringers that support several deck-boards on top of which the goods are placed. While measuring, the first pallet is the first number in the stringer length and the second one is the deck-board length. The construction of such pallet is done in context of their uses such as general, FDA storage, chemical etc. Desired wooden types are: recycled, hard, soft or even combo (new and recycle). It is to be mentioned that discarded wooden pallets should not be used for firewood or crafts whatsoever unless it has been ensured that the wood in these pallets has not been treated with wood preservatives or fungicides etc. Additionally, imported palletized goods are routinely fumigated with highly toxic pesticides. So while using it, harmful materials or chemicals also may spill on the pallet wood and be absorbed.

Types of pallet wood:

The combination of various pallet size and structure results in a variety of pallet woods. The following list gives the basic pallet structure types. 

Euro pallets: This is four-way pallet therefore handling equipment may carry it from all sides. The dimension of Euro pallets derive from the dimension of railway carriages. Further degrees of Euro pallets are specified as well.

Euro pallet A: light colour, clean, free of moisture, sharp edges and stringers are not damaged.

Euro pallet B: dark colour (grey or dark brown), free of moist would, all feet have sharp edges without chipping, stringers are not damaged.

Euro pallet C: light or dark colour, damaged, some components may be missing, deck-board may be split. Nevertheless, unit must be repaired for further use.

One way pallets: These are produced in size of 1200*800mm and 1200*1000mm, as an alternative to the EURO pallet. In case of overseas transport, IPPC transport is usually required.

Light weight one-way pallet: 1200*1000*123mm; Four way; load capacity up to 300kg; 5 deck boards.

Medium weight one-way pallet: 1200*1000*124mm; Four-way; load capacity up to 500kg; 7 deck boards.

Heavy duty one-way pallet: 1200*1000*146mm; Two-way; load capacity up to 1000kg; Full surface; feet replaced with stringers.

CP pallets: These pallets are manufactured in different variations which differ in size, load capacity and material.

CP1 pallet: 1200*1000*138mm; four way; load capacity up to 1000kg.

CP2 pallet: 1200*800*138mm; four way; load capacity up to 1000kg.

CP3 pallet: 1140*1140*138mm; four way; load capacity up to 1000kg.

CP4 pallet: 1300*1100*138mm; four-way; load capacity up to 1000kg.

Advantages of pallet wood:

Cheap as compared to plastic and metal pallets.

Recyclable and made from renewable resources.

High friction as compared to plastic and metal pallets.

Easily to repair when damages.

May be we can have a look on disadvantages too!

These contain invasive species of insects and plants diseases and have to be treated necessarily in prior to shipping.

Can contain splinters.

Can be hard to keep clean (maintenance).


Features of pallet wood:

These have sturdy designs.

Durability is high.

Have high capacities.

high precision in dimensions while manufacturing.

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Look out for the quality of the wood and do not put it in outside in direct exposure of water or rain. Keep it inside in some safe and closed place.

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