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Shipping boxes are the best options to get the things shipped and delivered safely. These boxes are tested against numerous parameters to assist successful shipping supplies. The length varies in the range which is less than 65mm and more than 1304mm; width is less than 55mm and more than 210mm while the height of such moving boxes is less than 55mm and more than 950mm.

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These boxes are widely used in packaging of cargo materials such as readymade garments, printed clothes, soaps, papers and many more such commodities. These are made of high quality fibres, plastic and wooden sheets. For packaging of heavy materials, LED television, washing machines and more, companies use wood and fibre packaging boxes specifically. Shipping boxes, such as corrugated boxes are containing approximately 80% recycled material and are 100% recyclable, reusable and biodegradable.

One can also use Wooden Crates to serve the same, i.e. shipping. Wooden crates are safe, secure and reliable. These crates are widely used for transportation of electronics and electrical products. These could also be used for packaging of wine bottles, soft bottle drinks, heavy duty machines etc. Many companies produce different types of crates depending on the customers’ requirements but the ones which are wide exposure in the market are listed below.

Closed Crates: This is completely enclosed in either plywood or plank of wood. When wooden planks are used as sheathing for closed crates, they are placed close to each other; usually just slits less than an inch in width.

Open Crates: this type of crate is as same as closed crate with only difference being only wooden planks used in the sheathing and the slits not so much closed to each other for the purpose of healthy ventilation.

Frame crates: these have no sheathing at all, and whenever sheathing is done it is made for the purpose of hiding the content inside it.

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Easy to carry

Termite resistance

High strength

Highly durable

Moisture proof


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Seema S

Because safety matters! Reliable boxes. Posted on 8/11/2016

But nevertheless, ensure that boxes are made using fine quality material and also be very sure about the dimension of the box which you asked for from the seller.

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