Free Standing Jib Cranes

Free standing jib cranes are designed in such a way that they stand on a solid concrete foundation on themselves without any additional exterior support. Most free standing cranes that are available in the market can rotate for 360 degrees. The standard lift capacity for this type of jib crane is from 1 to 5 tonnes. Some special type of free standing jib cranes are also available with lifting capacity of up to 15 tonnes.

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This is the most versatile type of jib crane and is very useful underneath travelling cranes. It can be used in open areas where it can serve several work stations such as loading docks. Or in machining and assembly operations where they can be overlapped with other jibs to provide staged operation.


Features and benefits:

·         The head assembly which is installed separately for ease of operation.

·         Full supporting triangular base plates are used instead of struts which minimizes crane deflection and make the positioning of loads easier.



·         Economical solution for lifting needs that could be covered within the radius created by the jib cane.

·         It is well suited for use beneath travelling industrial cranes.

·         Anchor bolts and templates are designed which allows easy and accurate installation of anchor bolts.

·         Anchor bolts are available for all floor mounted free standing jib cranes.



·         Used for circular coverage areas.

·         Applied in outdoor applications such as loading docks.

·         Applied underneath large bridge cranes.

Have their machining or assembly applications.

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Adriana Grey

Floor coverage(foundation) Posted on 8/22/2016

Very often the floor coverage of a jib crane placed in a square work place is round. Which leaves many area of the work cell not covered by the jib which turns out to be wasted rather than being utilized in valuable production space. So be ensure about the foundation of the jib cranes!

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