Stacker Crane

The capacity of stacker crane ranges from 100-500kg & above, maximum lift height from 1500-1600mm and above. It is available in blue, red, green, orange and various other colors. This crane is extensively used in warehouses, stores and in various other places.

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The stacker crane is the heart of an automated warehouse system capable of operating 24 hours per day. Stacker crane systems require fewer human operators and are able to create extreme storage density and operate in very narrow aisles. tacker crane is ideal for all applications where parcels, tote boxes or pallets weighing up to 500 kg have to be stored, sorted or assembled into orders.

Automated warehouse boxes or trays storage system that integrate shelving, machinery and warehouse management software all in one. It is made up of a central aisle, along which a stacker crane travels, and two racks built at either side used to store boxes or trays. The picking and handling area is formed by conveyors and is positioned at one end or at the side of the racking. Here, the stacker crane deposits the load extracted from the rack. 


Structural feature: 


1).Double upright structure, steady and reliable, vector frequency conversion drive and encoder position control, mechanical and electronic safety devices to ensure safe using of the system; all the way tracing technology by information transferring;

2). electric components are imported from abroad; touching screen interface for easy operation; making manual, semiautomatic, automatic and linkage control come true; used in many situations by combining with other logistics equipment.

3). Good reliability and high stability

4). Good adaptability

5). Easy installation and economic & high effciency



  • Applies "product to operator" principle.
  • Automation of the entry and exit operations of the products.
  • Permanent inventory.
  • Eliminating the errors arising from the manual management of the warehouse.
  • Optimal use of available space.
  • Maximum comfort and easy access to the stored boxes
  • Using the warehouse space fully
  • Saving space reducing the H.R
  • Removing mistake
  • Improving working and management etc.



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