N-butyl acrylate is used primarily for manufacturing homopolymers and copolymers. It can be copolymerized with acrylic acid and its salts, esters and acrylamide, with methacrylic acid, methacrylates, styrene, acrylonitrile, maleic acid esters, vinyl chloride, butadiene, vinyl acetate, unsaturated polyesters etc. It is the most important raw material and a starting material used for many chemical syntheses.

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Butyl acrylate can be manufactured via several reactions.  The acids such as Acetylene, 1-butyl alcohol, carbon monoxide, nickel carbonyl and hydrochloric reacts excellently and are very useful in manufacturing Butyl Acrylate. Another fusion of this acid involves the chemical reaction of Butanol with other acids such as methyl acrylate or acrylic acid.

In rodent models, this acid is metabolized by carboxyl esterase or reactions with glutathione; this detoxification produces different types of acids such as Acrylic acid, Butanol, and Mercapturic acid waste that are excreted in the feces, urine and as carbon dioxide.

The Butyl acrylate acid is used in various applications such as paints, sealants, adhesives, fuel, coatings, textiles, caulk and plastics.


Chemical Formula


Molar mass

128.17 g·mol−1


Clear, Colorless liquid




0.89 g/mL (20°C)

Melting point

−64 °C; −83 °F; 209 K 

Boiling point

145 °C; 293 °F; 418 K 

Solubility in water

0.1% (20°C)


ethanol, ethyl, ether, acetone, carbon (slight)

Vapor pressure

4 mmHg (20°C)



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Emergency overview for Hazard identification Posted on 8/23/2016

It's a dangerous flammable liquid that causes eye and skin burns. It becomes toxic when absorbed through skin. It contains material that may cause adverse reproductive related effects in females. It's a sensitizer and can cause by damaging the liver.

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