Rubberband is usually ring shaped and commonly used to hold multiple objects together.Available in variety of colors and sizes.

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Detailed Description for Rubberbands

A rubber band is also known as binder and it is usually ring shaped and commonly used to hold objects together. The rubber band was opened in England on March 17, 1845 by Stephen Perry. Mesoamericans were using natural rubber products. They mix latex with other materials to get desired properties. In 1839, Charles Goodyear invented vulcanization which is used to make rubber today. Mostiy rubber bands are manufactured from natural rubber. Rubber bands come in a various of sizes.

While other rubber products may be made of synthetic rubber, most rubber bands are manufactured using natural rubber because of its elasticity. A rubber band has three basic dimensions. They are length, width, and thickness. A rubber band's length is half of circumference. Its thickness is the distance between inner circle to outer circle, and its width is distance from one edge to the other.



Sizes of Rubber band 
Size L (inches) W (inches) (inches)
10 1.25 1/16 1/32
12 1.75 1/16 1/32
14 2 1/16 1/32
31 2.5 1/8 1/32
32 3 1/8 1/32
33 3.5 1/8 1/32
61 2 1/4 1/32
62 2.5 1/4 1/32
63 3 1/4 1/32
64 3.5 1/4 1/32
117 7 1/16 1/32




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