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Digital timers are also known as electronic timers and have a wide array of uses.They are available in accuracies of 0.00%,,0.0001,0.01%.Coil voltages of 11V and 230V,current of 12A,16A.They are used as a time switch ,used in the kitchen and also used in industrial areas.

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A digital timer is a portable handheld, battery-operated device that is digital counts down minutes for an accurate timing. It can sometimes be much handier than using the traditional clock.




Analog clocks normally have one position setting for an alarm and many are not highly portable. A digital timer can have small and light enough for slip into a pocket. After you enter the wanted time value, the timer will beep, or in some cases vibrate, at the lapse of a set time period. Moreover, a digital timer can have set for immediately restart a countdown and repeat an alarm function at regular intervals.




Digital timers have an infinite list of applications. Circuit training, for example, involves working out different muscle groups to set period of time. Cyclists time and alternate periods of high and low exertion. Coaches time warm-ups, practices or workouts on varying skill sets.




But a digital timer isn't just for sports. Mothers with new babies can find several uses, from heating milk to sneaking in a much-needed nap while the baby is sleeping. With a digital timer in the pocket, you can wake to a soft beep in 20 or 30 minutes without risking oversleeping, and you can nap wherever comfortable. It can also be set as a reminder to check on the baby, put on dinner, or call the sitter. Keeping a digital timer in the pocket is like having a personal alert assistant.








Time range: Per day or per week cycle, random switching, holiday program, pulse and cycle program, and with summer/winter time


Contact capacity: 16A   250V AC etc


Operating temperature: -20 - +50°etc










Timer Switch 






General Purpose















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