Digital Pressure Gauge

Digital pressure gauge is also known as pressure gauge and used to test pressures relating to hydraulics,machine pressures and so on.Their Accuracy is <± 0.5% BFSL and Storage Temperature is 10°C to 70°C.The display is 5-digit LCD display.The socket size is 1/4,the overall size is 100mm.Operating Temperature is -10°C to 60°C.It is extensively used in pressure safety valve testing.

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Digital gauges specifically, an evolving technology has allowed new, more stable sensing elements to be developed. Higher accuracy measurement can be made and effects, such as temperature drift, can now be calibrated, allowing the sensor to stay accurate over a wide range of operating temperatures.Accurate, precise readings of low-pressure applications are less than 5 PSI is possible with digital gauges because of microprocessing in digital gauges


Special features

■ Analyzing ranges from 0 ... 2 to 0 ... 600 bar


■ Accuracy 0.5 % ± 1 digit etc


■ Battery operation (2 x 1.5 V AA cell)

■ Option: Rotatable product head, backlighting


■ Machine building


■ Hydraulics and pneumatics


■ Pumps and compressors


■ Service tasks


Robust, precise digital indicator

The robust stainless steel case and A battery power enable a flexible operation in various application and industry. For a precise and quick on-site reading of a pressure value, a digital indicator is an ideal solution. The bar graph display and drag pointer function integrated into the display, as well as returnable Min/Max peak values, enable effective analysis of a measuring point.

Customised installation


Through its rotatable case,it can be easily adapted to local conditions. The backlighting also provides easy readability of the screen in poor lighting conditions. Additional programming functions are Automatic power-off, tare feature, and password protection. There is unit switching between the unit bar, psi and Mpa already integrated.


Proven sensor technology


For decades, sensors have guaranteed the high accuracy, long-term stability, and repeatability in industrial pressure analyzation. Depending on the measuring range, the most essential sensor technology is used (metal thin-film or ceramic)



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