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Patio doors or sliding glass doors are large glass window that, when opened, provided a door access from a room to the outdoors. These glass doors are usually a single unit consisting of two panel sections, of which one is fixed and one is being mobile to slide open. Patio doors are generally available in the width of 1193mm, 1498mm, 1803mm etc and bear a length of 610mm, 762mm, 914mm etc.

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The large sliding glass doors have not been around for very long. Having manufactured by professional glass-architects and being available in affordable price, these products are now available in a wide variety of styles for every home.

“Handedness” of these doors is expressed from the eye of an observer standing outside the building. Apparently, a left-handed door opens on the left side whereas the right-handed door opens on the right. 

Below mentioned list cover the most popular and common patio doors available.

Wood patio doors

Obviously, wood provides an elegant, traditional and classy look to your doors. It has a different and unique appearance and finish and any scratches or damaged caused whatsoever can be easily repaired.

Steel patio doors

These are built to stay sturdy in a variety of weather conditions. They do not get warped easily when weather condition changes.

Aluminium patio doors

These doors are also designed to be sturdy, much like steel patio doors. But nevertheless, these doors are even lighter than their steel counterparts. Aluminium patio doors require minimal keep up and are reasonably priced.

Vinyl patio doors

Vinyl patio doors are cost-effective and inexpensive. They are also very energy efficient. These doors can robustly stand up to the elements without peeling, scratching or corroding.

Fibreglass door options

As the name suggest, these doors are made of glass-based materials. Fibreglass doors are energy efficient and require virtually no maintenance. They are sturdy and can handle every atmospheric condition without warping, rotting or deteriorating.


Sliding patio doors are being used in hotel rooms, apartments and residences; for access to upper balconies or for large view out or for enhanced natural light in. Also, these are used in some regions as the communication-door between the interior rooms an d the adjacent exterior of the home such as courtyard, deck, balcony, swimming pool area etc. These glass doors are also used in interior design, often offices and automobile sales areas.

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