Wooden panel Doors

Wooden Panel Doors are constructed using panels, stiles and rails on wooden surface. It is water resistant, longer lasting and temperature resistant. The standard size is 80 inches with swing open type of thickness 100 mm etc. It is available black, walnut, teak and other colors. It widely used in homes, offices, corporate houses, commercial buildings and interior doors.

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Hardwoods are employed in a wide range of applications, which includes, but not limited to fuel, construction, boat building, tools, musical instruments, furniture making, flooring, barrels, cooking, and manufacture of charcoal. The solid hardwood carpentry is more expensive when compared to softwood carpentry.


Advantages of wooden furniture


Aesthetic appeal: Wooden panels are highly attractive when compared with other types of contemporary furniture. The straight grain pattern with rich golden-brown hue suits well for interiors and are best suitable to manufacture doors and frames.


Strong and sturdy: Hard wood is exceptionally strong when compared with soft woods. Most of the commercial industries prefer hard woods over other materials due to its aesthetics and sturdiness.


Highly Durable: When proper care is taken, hard wood may last long years.


Termite and insect resistant

Heat moderation

Resists rot and decay

Moisture resistant and can easily carved by hand to show artistry skills

Proves to be an excellent combination with iron and other metals




Hard wood is extensively used to manufacture;


Exterior joinery

Interior and exterior furniture

Window frames

Wooden flooring

Besides, hard wood has been extensively used in various industries due to its outstanding properties and resistance towards harsh chemicals.



Resistance towards extreme climatic conditions

Wrap, crack and brittle resistant

Rot and Fungus resistant

Resistant for several alkaline and acidic substances









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