Angle Drill

Angle drill is also commonly called right angle drill.It is used to fasten or bolt two or more surfaces even at a different angle.They are made of high speed steel or carbides.The max drilling diameters are 10mm,11mm,12mm and the rated voltages are 110V to 220V no-load speeds are 1000rpm,2000rpm,the shank is either straight or reduced.The frequencies are 40Hz,50Hz,60Hz and they are used for drilling metal,wood pieces.

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A drill is a tool fastened with a cutting tool attachment or driving tool attachment, usually a drill bit or driver bit, utilized for boring holes in various materials or fastening various materials together with the use of fasteners. right-angle drill is a special tool used by tradesmen such as plumbers and electricians.Drills can also be used at an angle to join two boards.


1, superior quality
2, durable in use
3, dependable performance
4, complete in specifications



    Ideal for regular/standard drilling, hole sawing,and other general purpose applications

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