Core drills

Core drills or core drill bit are used to make holes in ferrous or non-ferrous materials. They are used widely in metal workshops and in the construction industry. The drills are made of tungsten or high speed steel. The surface coating is done by either Black and bright or Tin-coating. The cutting depth varies from 5 mm to 10 mm and the hardness is 50 HRC or 60 HRC. They find their application in the construction industry.

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Core Drills

An annular cutter, which is also referred as core drill, core cutter, broach cutter, trepanning drill or cup-type cutter is a hollow, multiple cutting sides cutting tool utilized to make/drill holes in ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The annular cutter meant to cut only an annular groove at the perimeter of the hole and leaves a solid core or slug at the hole center. Annular cutter is a alternative for slower, more expensive and less efficient twist drills and hole saws.

A core drill is a drill specifically structured to remove a cylinder of material, much like a whole saw. The material left inside the drill bit is known as the core. Core drills used in metal are called annular cutters. Core drills used for concrete are generally referred to as Diamond Core Drills and are water cooled. For drilling masonry, carbide core drills can be used

Core drills are used often in mineral exploration where the coring may range from several hundred to almost thousand feet depth in length. The sample of the core are recovered and analyzed by geologists to check the mineral percentages and the stratigraphic contact points. This gives exploration firms the information necessary to begin or abandon mining operations in a particular area.


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Seema S

Choosing the Right Size Drill bits Posted on 8/22/2016

Wall-mounted core drills can create holes in diameter from a fraction of an inch to feet but no single drill can create holes alone. Before purchasing a drill, look at the range of supported drill bit attachments which can be accept by it and decide if that range is right for the application. Smaller drills with less power may have a range of a few inches, while larger drills contain several feet ranges. And while selecting the proper diameter, it is important to choose proper length drill bits that are suitable for the conditions.

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