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An electric drill is also called a power drill.It is a portable and hand-held device and is used for drilling holes into materials like wood,metals,concrete and so on.Their max drilling diameters are 8mm to 10mm and no-load speeds are 2000rpm or 300rpm.Their frequencies are 40Hz,50Hz or 60Hz, and they weigh 1kg to 1.5kg.They are used extensively in the construction industry.

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An electric drill or a battery drill is a “an all in one solution” for every homeowner’s or worker’s toolbox. It is a tool with revolving bit used for drilling holes in or through various materials and objects. It is available in types ranging from diamond drills, heavy duty drills, impact drills, reversible drills and rotary drills. Buy electric drills from Tolexo and get your key for quick and efficient home-construction, woodwork, and metalwork etc.

Electric Drill is a portable, robust, motor-driven tool used for boring holes in a material. Powered either by direct or alternating current.



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