Ecosoft DESIGNER SERIES -TRACE-9765 carpet comes with Pile height of 3mm, 4mm and 4.5mm .It is available with E -Backing , Cushion Backing and PVC Free backing

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Ecosoft (Wuxi Fuxing) engages in manufacturing carpets of superior & medium grade carpets and Artificial grass carpets. We are The first manufactufacturer of commercial cushion backing carpet tiles and soft bitumen backings.

Which are applied in public places with passenger flow such as office buildings,stores,places of amusements,vessels stations and airports.

ECO, means " environment and ecology": soft, the name of cushion backing.

"Eco-Soft" indicates carpet titles we produced are ecological and soft, and our main tenet is to establish environmantal brand of carpet tiles with greater competitive. The sign "O" represents a wonderful dream which is made by these colorful lines, when it extends into "soft", curve and characters' integration appeared; it is just same as the great combine of classical culture and modern fashion.

The colorful lines' outspread of Eco-Soft makes a beautiful hand scroll of painting, it tells the spirit of corporate culture: "ECO" ---using recycled resources to do better quality in this carpet tiles' development space in order to complete Eco-Soft.



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