Double Girder Crane

Double Girder Crane is also known as overhead cranes. The capacity of this cranes ranges from 1-3tons & above, height under boom is 8-10ft & above, beam size is 6inch. This crane is used for construction activities, material handling and various other purposes.

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Double girder Cranes find application when greater capacities are requested and with high operationrequirements. In equal conditions double girder bridge cranes offer higher lifting heights.The double girder cranes are used when heavy loads and wide spans are required.


·         Simple and optimum Design ensuring minimum dead weight, Wheel Load Headroom and easy to maintain

·         Easy to installation

·         Reliable structure

·         Available in Pendent control type or radio remote control type

·         Single or double speed type

·         Safe and reliable hoisting and traveling

·         Higher efficiency to save power

·         Chipper in cost


The double Girder cranes are used in the Industry where material lifting & shifting is required. Double Girder cranes are properly balanced. These Double Girder cranes are especially suitable for lifting and transporting material in the shed. Double Girder overhead cranes are available with load capacities up to 100 Tons and with spans up to your requirement. End carriages joints ensure positive contact of all four wheels with the track.


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