HRC Fuse

High rupturing fuse, commonly referred as HRC fuse suitable for backup protection for the motors, MCCB and other equipment against short circuit and overload. It comes mostly in white and cream colors. The rated voltage is 200V, 400V, 500V etc. and rated current is 12A, 20A, 25A etc. The breaking capacity of the device is 110kA, 120kA etc. This product is commonly used in domestic, industrial buildings to support the motors and other equipment.

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Detailed Description for HRC Fuse

High Rupturing Fuse is abbreviated as HRC Fuse. In such type of fuse, the fuse wire or element is made to carry short circuit heavy current for a known time period. During this very time, if the fault is removed then it does not blow off otherwise it gets blown off or gets melted.

The enclosure of the HRC fuse is either of glass or some other chemical compound. The enclosure is made fully air-tight to keep it isolated and unaffected from the external atmosphere on the fuse materials. The space present within the enclosure surrounding the fuse wire is packed with a filling powder.

This type of fuse is reliable and possesses inverse time characteristic implying that if the fault current is high then the rupture time is less and if the fault current is not so high then the rupture time is long.

Know How The HRC Fuse Is Operated!

The element is melted and vaporised when the over rated current flows through the element of HRC fuse. The filling powder is in such quantity that the chemical reaction between silver vapour & the filling powder generates a high electrical resistance substance which very much help in quenching the arc.



·         Clears high, as well low fault currents

·         Does not deteriorate with age

·         Has high speed operation

·         Require no maintenance

·         Permit consistent performance



·         Need to be replaced after each operation


·         Heat produced by the arc may affect the associated switches


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