Industrial Fuse

Industrial Fuse acts as a protection device for the electrical devices if unrated voltage passes through it. The product is made of brass, copper, iron etc. It is available in black or white color. The rated voltage and rated current of the product is 230V, 415V, 500V etc and 6A, 10A, 16A etc respectively. These fuses are generally used for domestic, industrial, automobile machinery etc.

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·         Effectiveness

·         Long functional life

·         Motor Protection & high-speed fuse links

·         Very easy to install

·         Unmatched quality

·         Optimum strength

·         Suitable for both BS type & DIN type fuse fitting.

·         Door interlock with defeat system and padlock facility.

·         Quad break operating mechanism ensures low heat generation.

·         Self - cleaning contacts ensure free maintenance.

·         Shockproof

·         Easy to fit

·         Long service life

·         Low maintenance

·         Operational fluency

·         Reliable



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·         Leather fusing

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