Thermal Circuit Breaker

Thermal Circuit Breaker is the device breaks the circuit by thermal energy when overload current passes through the device. It is manufactured using copper, brass, iron etc and comes in black or white colours. It is appropriate for both AC and DC devices with rated voltage and rated current varying 230V, 400V, 500V etc and 6A, 10A, 16A, etc respectively. It is commonly used in industries and domestic buildings for motor protection etc.

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·         Advanced quality

·         LMore lifetime

·         At par with industry levels

·         Adjustability offers close protection to the different load condition.

·         Line load reversibility.

·         Wide range of internal and external accessories.

·         ROHS Compliant.

·         Also available for DC usages.



·         Manual and local control, when the motor circuit breaker is used on its self, and remote control when combined with a contactor.

·         Motor protection provided by thermal-magnetic components built into the circuit-breaker.

·         No live parts are accessible to direct finger contact.

·         The addition of an under voltage trip permits the motor circuit breaker to be tripped if the voltage is lost.

·         The addition of a shunt trip allows remote control of tripping.

·         The control for the open or enclosed motor circuit-breaker can be locked in the “N/C" place using 3 padlocks.

·         Connectors: spring terminal, screw clamp.


·         Industry, infrastructure, building, etc.

·         Motor control and protection.

·         Easily inserted in any configuration by screw or clip-fixing onto mounting rails.


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