Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

Earth leakage circuit breaker, commonly called as ELCB is the device which functions as a circuit breaker when stray voltage passes through the device. The available poles are 2 poles, 3poles, and 4 poles. The current rating ranges from 10A, 16A, 25A etc. The leakage sensitivity of the device is 3mA, 10mA, 14mA etc. This product is generally used in commercial buildings, industries and other sectors.

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Detailed Description for Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker


·         Taut band movement

·         Simple operation

·         Wiring check

·         Robust

·         No batteries

·        Detects automatically 50 or 60 Hz

·         Current injected in phase with the voltage

·         Easy to operate

·         User-friendly

·         Highly reliable

·         Efficient

·         High performance

·         Save life from dangerous Electrical Shock

·         Over Load & Short Circuit Protection

·         High Voltage Cut-off.

·         Tripping time setting less than the 30milli sec.

·         Extra Siren facility on tripping for two minutes.

·         Provide manual disconnection facility

·         Easy to install

·         Electric leakage proof



·         Saves life from electric shock

·         Saves instruments/ equipment from neutral fault

·         Emergency bypass

·         Siren with time

·         Saves valuable instruments/ equipment from high voltage Save your perfectly from shock circuit

·         Working/ bypass indicator

·         Saves wiring from overloading

·         Variable mA leakage setting



·         Shock protection and can be used at houses, banks. shops, offices, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools, hostels etc.

·         Keep in mind and consider while using of Shock Guard

·         The green light should be ON. The red light should NOT be ON.

·         The place of sensitivity knob should be as normal as possible while in a case of simple leakage, slightly raise the knob.

·         It should trip on verifying with the test button.

·         The shock guard is not used in bypass. Do not use/ run shock guard in bypass without any special reason.


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