Polymeric Surge Arresters

Polymeric Surge Arresters, commonly called as surge protector is used to protect electrical devices from surge and transient voltages. It is made of copper or iron and mostly comes in white, black etc. The device is available in 1pole, 2pole, 3pole and 4pole. The rated voltage and current are 230V, 400V, 500V etc and 6A, 10A, 16A etc respectively with operating frequency 50hz and 60hz. It is generally used in domestic, industries and railway power transmission purposes.

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Detailed Description for Polymeric Surge Arresters


·         Firmness

·         Easy installation

·         Rust proof

·         Resistant to corrosion

·         Perfect finish

·         Long lasting life

·         UV resistance

·         Resistance to OZONE & CORONA

·         Good operating conditions

·         Vandalism resistance

·         Absolutely reliable moisture sealing Combined disconnector

·         Flame retardant and UV resistant

·         Failure indicators

·         Easy installation

·         Large selection of standard accessories



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