Dec Air 85W-Crompton fans

Crompton Greaves Decorative Ceiling Fan has 4 blades with Decorative gold trims .It comes in 1200 mm size and 85W power. Used in homes.

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About the product:

Crompton Greaves Ceiling fan i s a delightful edition to your household that not only adds decor but also your home by  keeping a hrat bay.

This fan provides effective cooling by circulating air to each and every corner of the room.


- The material of the blade is made up of the which would add more weight and which would need a high motor with more electricity.

- The Crompton ceiling fan is made up of the 4 blades with high quality materials.

- This fan also acts as an embllishment to the room with the decorative gold trims on the blades and decorative canopies.

- With a powerful motor embeded in this fan that provides cooling with negligible amount of electricity,sweaty days, and huge bills seem like things from the yesteryears.

The Ceiling Fan Contains 1 Unit Each Of Motor, down rod, shackle and a pair of canopies. A  Set  of  blades is available in separate pack at no extra cost.


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