Cable Entry System

The cable entry system is a device used to route the cables. The product is made of aluminium alloy and in 9, 12, 15, 27 ports. It is usually available in black or white colors with IP68 protection class. It is generally used in mobile base stations, offices, schools etc.

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Detailed Description for Cable Entry System

Cable entry systems are used for corrugated conduits, routing cables or pneumatic hoses, switch cabinets or in large heavy duty vehicles and ships.

Cable entry systems for cables without connectors

For routing the cables and electrical lines through machine or enclosure walls or entry plates can be used to seal the cut-outs for passing the cable through. This safer-prevent the inside of the closure from any dirt or dust. By utilising the cable entry plate, many cables with different diameters can be routed.

Split cable entry systems for cables assembled with connectors

Split cable entry systems have been specially designed to route the cable which are assembled with connectors.

Advantages of split entry systems-

·         The warranty of the pre-terminated cables remains since the cables do not have to be cut or soldered again after entering the cables.

·         Assembly can be done subsequently because the split cable entries are usually built around the existing lines.

Frame sizes and standards

Cable entries are offered in various sizes and diameters but majority of them are based on the cut out dimensions and drilling templates for Standard Industrial Connectors. (10-pole, 16-pole, 24-pole). Round cable entry plates are usually placed in metric standard sizes. (M25- M63)

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