Vacuum Contactor

Vacuum Contactor is the electrical switching device meant for hassle free and noiseless operation. The product is suitable for 1phase, 2phase and 3phase power supplies and available in 1pole. 2pole and 3pole. The voltage rating ranging 240V, 380V, 500V etc. and rated current ranging 12A, 20A, 64A etc. It is generally used in domestic and commercial purposes.

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·         Hassle free

·         Noise less operation

·         Reliable

·         It comprises several assemblies such as switching mechanism including vacuum interrupters, magnetic actuator, high strength molded front cover and auxiliary devices

·         Vacuum interrupters executes Stable and high operating cycle

·         These are made of high alumina ceramic tube, which makes it possible to degas in a high temperature with excellent mechanical strength

·         Actuating is available either at instantaneous or continuous excitation

·         Rugged, compact and lightweight

·         Quiet operation

·         Electrical and mechanical interlocks available 

·         Long service life

·         Durable



·         Making breaking

·         Frequency starting  

·         Controlling the AC motor

·         Delay contactor

·         Mechanical interlocking contactor

·         Star-delta starter

·         Electromagnetic starter


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