Solid State Contactor

Solid state contactor is the device used where frequent switching is required when harsh environment is prevails. The product is suitable for 1 phase, 2 phase and 3 phase power supplies with voltage rating ranging 240, 380, 500 etc. and rated current ranging 12, 20, 64 etc. The product is available in 1pole. 2pole and 3pole. It is generally used in heaters, medical equipment, texturising machinery etc.

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Detailed Description for Solid State Contactor


·         Easy Usage

·         Low Maintenance

·         Simple Installation

·         Rust & Water Proof



·         Switching of Heater by Temperature Controller

·         Hot Runner Systems in Plastic Industry

·         Heater applications in Furnace/Oven industry

·         Plastic Processing Machinery, Injection Molding, Blow Molding and Extruder

·         Solder Screen Printers, Solder Wave / Re-flow Machine

·         Solid and Liquid Packaging Equipments and Machinery

·         Medical Equipments

·         Texturising Machinery

·         Printing Machinery

·         Controlling of Infrared Heaters SSRs.



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