Fire resistance is the property of the cable to withstand fire and heat together with preserving the functionality of the cable. The cables come with a protective sheath made up of fire resistant materials and non-combustible mineral insulation which protects the cable-wire assembly during fire, toxic fumes, fire smoke.

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An electric cable is made of two or more wires twisted together inside a protective enclosure. The material of the electric cable jacket is a chief source of fuel for fires, in building construction. To limit the spread of fire one can use cable coating materials that are intrinsically fire retardant. Inorganic coating protects adjacent areas around the cable from fire threat. Typically, flame retardant low smoke zero halogen compound is used as a sheath. This protection also traps heat generated from conductor losses. Hence, it is better to keep it as thin as possible. In case of fire, plastic materials containing chlorine releases hydrogen chloride which is a poisonous gas that turns into hydrochloric acid when it comes in contact with water. This can be avoided with the use of hallogen-free cables which do not produce such harmful gases and hence are not toxic.

A variety of plastic materials are used to make protective insulation that is used as a coating to cables. The right type of flame resistant material to be used depends on its physical, electrical and chemical properties. The solution of flame retardant material is carefully matched to meet the safety requirements and performance specifications. These form different layers on the cables reduce fire inhibiting flame and reduces its intensity.


1. Resistance to fire

2. Long term circuit integrity in case of fire emergency

3. Fire retardant properties

4. Cost efficiency and easy installation

5. It should be resistant not only to fire but also to water and mechanical shocks

6.     Use of low smoke zero halogen reduces the release of harmful toxins during fire.


1. They are used in the wiring of fire resistant safety circuits.

2. Public address and emergency voice communication system in high-rise buildings.

3. Industries and residential complexes 

4. Factories working in high temperature conditions. 

5. It is used in places where the cable is required to run regardless of fire emergencies.














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Seema S

One must look for safety. Posted on 8/11/2016

The amount of electrical energy carried by the wire is termed as watts. This can be calculated as Watts= voltage*Amperes. Its safe to stay around 85% of the max watt the cable can carry. Halogen-free insulation on cables avoids build up of toxic gasses during fire.

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