Cu Cuni Thermocouple Wire

Cu Cuni Thermocouple Wire acts as a temperature sensor, It is made of NiCr, Cu, CuNi, NiSi, Fe etc and available in Bare, Insulated etc types. The conductor type is solid or stranded. It is generally used in aviation, metallurgy and petroleum sectors etc.

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Thermocouples are very simple and durable temperature sensors. They are comprised of two different materials joined at one end and separated at the other. The separated ends are considered the output, and they generate voltage which is proportional to the heat they are measuring or monitoring. That is, the hotter the temperature, the higher the voltage. The fact that two metals generate voltage is known as the Seebeck effect. Two common applications of thermocouples are measuring room temperature and monitoring the presence of a pilot light.

Thermocouples come with different pairings of materials allowing for a very wide range of applications. The different compositions are standardized into thermocouple types. The different types are given letter names which are standardized across the industry.

Thermocouples are easy to use and require no batteries or fancy electronics. However, the voltage signals generated are very small so an amplifier may be required if you wish to read the temperatures into a computer. The voltage relationship with the temperature is not always a simple linear relationship so a "look up" table may be needed to convert the voltage readings into temperature readings. This information is available from the thermocouple manufacturer.

The simplicity of the thermocouple may be deceiving though. Many factors can affect the accuracy of the system. Care needs to be taken when terminating the thermocouple at the measuring device so that no errors are introduced at that point. The voltage at the thermocouple terminals is proportional to the temperature of the junction so when using a thermocouple, it is very important that the junction of the thermocouple be in very close contact with the object that is being measured.

Cu-CuNi thermocouple (type T) is also named Cu- Constantan thermocouple. The positive leg Cu(TP) is made by pure Copper, and the main chemical composition of negative leg Constantan (TN) is Cu: Ni≈ 55%: 45%. Although EN, TN, JN are all called Constantan, TN and EN don not give the same EMF output curve as JN. EN and TN are able to interchange but they are not interchangeable with JN. 


·         Finest raw material used

·         High resistance to heat

·         Long service life


·         Composition of negative leg Constantan (TN) is: Cu: Ni≈ 55%: 45


·         Aviation, metallurgy, petroleum,

·         Household, electric appliances,

·         Lighting equipments , electronics, instruments,

·         Motor, industrial equipment

·         High temperature environment.



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