Analog Multimeter

Analog Multimeter is also known as fluke multimeter or amp meter. It has AC voltage up to 600 Volts. DC voltage range is 0.3 -600 V. Tester includes Test leads, fuse, carrying case and AA Battery.Power supplied to the battery is AC voltage up to 600V. It is used in motor controls, appliances and power supplies.

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Analog Multimeter provides standard measurements plus battery checks regularly.It is a measuring instrument Combines several measurement functions in only one unit. An analog multimeter can measure voltage, current, and resistance accurately. Analog multimeters use microammeter with moving pointer to display readings accuratly. Where as Digital multimeters have a numeric display, and may also show a graphical representation of  the measured value.It is used to motor controls, domestic appliances, power supplies.

The basic functionality of an analog multimeter will include accurate measurement of electrical potential in volts, resistance in ohm, and current in amperes. Analog multimeters can be used to find out electronic and electrical short circuit problems. Advanced analog multimeters come with more features such as the capacitor, diode and IC testing. Specific measurements made by analog multimeters include DC and AC voltage, DC and AC current, frequency range of AC current and decibel measurement. Analog multimeters/fluke meters that measure current may have a current clamp built-in or configure as a probe. A current clamp is a sensor that clamps around the wire. When searching for analog multimeters it is important to consider that measurement range for whichever value is being measured in a needle. An analog multimeter displays these values via a pointer needle. Analog multimeters are generally benched top held or hand held. Bench top models can also be portable by using handles and wheels. Handheld multimeters are specifically designed for usage while holding, i.e, can be operated with one hand.

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