Automatic Capacitor Tester Bridge

Automatic capacitor tester is used to test the capacitance of a capacitor. It is available in dimension 320 x 360 x 160mm; Its weight is 8kg; It has a big size LCD display and measuring the precision of +/-1.0% .Current measuring range available in different range like 0~199.9mA,0~1.999A, 0~19.99A,0~199.9A and 1000A.It is used to test the capacitance and current leakage.

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Detailed Description for Automatic Capacitor Tester Bridge

This full automatic capacitor tester bridge is special for testing capacitance of capacitor at substation site. By this tester bridge, you don’t need to remove connecting wire of capacitor and  no damage to capacitor.This tester bridge has higher output voltage and fault detection ratio is high.




1) Measuring range is automatic 

2) Data saving

3) 320 x 240mm LCD display with menu operation

4) Simultaneously displaying wave and measuring data




Capacitor range is 0.1uF~2,000uF

Capacity range is 5~20, 000kvar

Precision is +/-1.0%

Resolution rate is 0~1.999uF +/- 1.0% reading; 0~19.99uF+/-1.0% reading; 0~199.9uF+/-1.0% reading: 0~1999uF+/-1.0% reading

Current measuring is 0~199.9mA; 0~1.999A; 0~19.99A; 0~199.9A; 1000A

Measuring precision is +/-1.0%

Input voltage is 220V+/-10%, 50Hz

Rated output is 26V/500VA

Displaying method is Big size LCD displaying, thermal printer

Dimension is 320 x 360 x 160mm

Weight is 8kg


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