High Voltage Proximity Detector

High Voltage Proximity Detector is also known as proximity sensors or voltage testers. Its voltage range is 240V- 500KV. Its horsepower is 275HP-500HP. Its displaying type is LED.It has lightweight, robust, & compact. It is used to identify and checks live cables.It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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High Voltage Proximity Detector have been designed to meet the latest IEC Standards. It consists of an internal pickup sensor plate, sensitivity selector, visual and sound annunciator, physical contact with electrical conductors is not necessary while testing for live lines. This tester works by proximity.




1. High bright LED visual indication.

2. Sound indication.

3. Easy-to-prove method.

4. Self-test selection.

5. High impact nylon casing.

6. Non-contact work by proximity.

7. Compatible with most link sticks.

8. Lightweight, robust, & compact.

9. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

10. Detects low voltage on any systems.

11. Easy access to batteries.




1. Identify and check live cables.

2. Find fault in flexible cables.

3. Check earth equipment.

4. Neon lightning, trace live wires .

5. Check high frequency radiation.

6. Detect residual or induced volta.ges.



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