Glass reinforced Polyester

The product is popularly known as GRP. There are many types of reinforced materials and they are manufactured based on the utility function. Whenever strength, lightweight and transparency is required, glass reinforced polyester is used. The material is extensively used in sports cars, micro cars, wind turbine blades, and they are especially used in bullet proof glass.

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Glass reinforced polyester is also known as fiberglass reinforced glass.  The benefits of using the GRP can be mentioned as follows. Glass reinforced polyester is widely recognized for its transparent, strong, and lightweight properties. The virtue of materials used in the production of GRP made it as corrosion and water resistant.  This material is used wherever thermal insulation and temperature resistance is required.  The properties of the material can be changed significantly by changing composition of the ingredients used in the manufacturing of the GRP.  Each and every specific composition has specific end use.  The thermosetting composition made out of polyester, epoxy, and polyurethane resins that yields various types of GRP material necessary in the manufacturing of various temperature specific industrial materials. 

The mechanical strength, visibility, light weight, thermal resistance, affordable cost and non-scattering properties of the material made it extremely popular.  The thermosetting qualities are gained by using specific compositions matching with the end products qualities.  Even minute changes in the ingredients mix and qualities may affect the quality of end products, therefore it is necessary to observe stringent quality control measure while manufacturing the glass reinforced plastic.  Experience and expertise is necessary to decide type of material necessary for their clients.  More than often the material is produced and supplied based on the specifications supplied by the clients. 

The extensive applications can be found in storage tanks, chimney pipeline, spray headers, and on all spaces wherever insulation lining and temperature resistance is essential.  The endless possibilities are there based on the properties of the material.  The yield of the product is measured by the weight of the fibre found in one pound of material, that means the heavier the material lesser will be the yield. The fibre used in the glass interweaving can be chopped, woven, stitched or it can be even braided.  They have distinct properties based on the type of fibre used between the multiple layers of glass. 


Excellent mechanical strength

High visibility

Light weight

Thermal resistant

Scratch proof

Corrosion and water resistant





















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Seema S

Selecting the GRP Posted on 8/16/2016

Check the thermal resistance power of the glass reinforced polyester. Thermal resistance can be determined by considering the thermal conductivity and the time rate of steady state heat flow through a unit area of a homogeneous material induced by a unit temperature gradient in a direction perpendicular to that unit area, W/m·K.

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Selecting the GRP Posted on 8/16/2016

Check the thermal resistance power of the glass reinforced polyester

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