Lanyards are easy to use and they are used to reduce the risk of falls. Featuring a variety of safety features, including self-locking connectors and quick-acting braking systems, these products help arrest falls to keep employees safe. They're ideal for construction and spray painting applications.

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A Lanyard is described as a connecting element of a system which is a critical link that joins the Harness to the Anchorage point. Fall Arrest equipments help to save us after you fall by stopping the fall before you strike the facade below. A safety belt for a lower height can be used but there is always a chance of suffering from severe backache if you only rely on safety belts for greater heights.




Reduce the risk of falls using these strong and easy-to-use lanyards. Featuring a variety of safety features, including quick-acting braking systems and self-locking connectors, these products help arrest falls to keep employees safe. They're ideal for spray painting and construction applications.

Increase Compliance with Simple-to-Use Safety Products

These lanyards are very easy to use, increasing the likelihood that personnel will utilize them to prevent accidents. Most models have snap hooks that click effortlessly in place to secure workers to safety apparatuses as well as long cables that provide plenty of length for users to move around freely. Self-retracting models eliminate the need to make constant adjustments before, during, and after use.


Stellar Safety Features That Help Protect Workers

Built-in shock absorbers on some models of lanyards and quick-acting breaking systems on others help decrease fall rate to minimize free-fall distances and are capable of handling up to 900 pounds of force or more. Double-leg styles offer additional protection by allowing the person to connect to multiple surfaces and providing backup in case one of the cables breaks. This allows personnel to work with confidence at high elevations.


Designed for Constant Use in Tough Conditions

The hooks on many of the lanyards are made from heavy-duty materials such as steel and aluminum that resist corrosion, which helps extend the products' life and save you money in replacement costs. Tough polyester webbing resists fraying, while the housing on retractable models protects the lines from environmental elements. These lanyards are compact enough to store in toolboxes, backpacks, and installation bags, ensuring you always have them within reach when they're needed.



Fall arrest lanyards will allow the worker to fall but prevents him from hitting the next lower level, such as the ground, (if well attached).




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