Ceiling Hepa Air Purifiers

Intelligent environment monitoring prompt: can monitor working environment temperature, humility, air quality and dust in the air.Remote detection and control: can connect with special control system via wired or WIFI to achieve functions of product centralized management, environment detection, running record statistic, which are the necessary choices for hospital infection intelligent management.

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Dirty indoor air, driven by circulating fan, goes through initial filter to be removed of big particles such as dust, etc.. then goes through middle effect filter to get rid of part of dust and bacteria. The filtrated air then enters into plasma sterilization area. Free radicals in plasma kill microorganisms efficiently and degrade hazardous particles in air. Finally, HEPA filter removes all dust in air to improve air quality and cleanliness.

    Chemical Effect: Huge amount of negative oxygen ions and free radicals of high energy in plasma can easily haschemical reaction with hazardous material, and kill the microorganism.
    Biological Effect: Plasma has sterilization effect via high energy electrons destroying cell wall of bacteria, virus and other microorganisms.
    UV effect: UV is generated during the process of turning air to plasma status. Microorganisms absorb high-energy ultraviolet photons and are killed by them.
    Negative Ion effect: Negative Ion Generator brings the oxygen negative electricity and produces the negative ion to purifier the air.     



Application Range

    Hospital: Most class II and III rooms such as OT, clinics, in-patient rooms, maternity ward, infant rooms, burn department, ICU, etc.

    Manufacturing Facility: Sterile rooms, laboratories, etc.

    Food & Beverage Factories: Production workshop, packing workshop, sterile rooms, etc.

    Public Places: Meeting rooms, hotels, entertainment places, offices, etc.    

•    Safe
People are completely safe in the room when it's running.
•    High-efficient Killing of Bacteria
Plasma has much stronger sterilization effect and takes much shorter sterilization time than UV.
•    Environment Friendly
No hazardous produced
No secondary pollution
•    High-efficient Degradation
While sterilizing air, poisonous gases such as formaldehyde,
benzene, ammonia, xylene are degraded by plasma. Smoke
and cigarette smell can be efficiently removed as well.
•    Low Power Consumption within 8w-15w, 1/5 of UV air sterilizers
•    Negative Ion
Negative ion keeps air fresh and in sterile state.
•    Longer Lifespan
Plasma core can be used for at least 8 years. While UV lamp has normally 5000h lifespan

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