Round Air Hepa Filter

It has a Glass fiber Media and Paper frame, It's efficiency rises between 99.97% ,have life ranging 8 - 12months and more.Also it's used for air purifier.

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Hepa (high efficiency particulate air) is a good air purification product which can filter the dust bigger than 0.3 micron with the efficiency as high as 99.97%. There are three types of materials including PP filter paper, glassfiber and compound PP and PET filter paper and many shapes can be according to the requirements of the customer.

Characteristics:little air resistance, large dust containing capacity, high filter precision, able to be processed into various shapes and suitable for different models using.

Application: Hepa is now widely used on the air purification machine,central air conditioning,clean plants and other fields to remove dust and pollen.



1.Air filterof low initial resitance
2.Large dust holding capacity
3.Filter economical,long serice life


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