PVC door 45 degree bend / elbow

PVC door 45 degree bend / elbow is a fitting used for pipe plumbing systems to connect straight pipe or tubing sections, to adapt to different sizes or shapes, and for other purposes.

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Detailed Description for PVC door 45 degree bend / elbow


·         It is designed for High-Rise Buildings and Premium Construction Projects like Hospitals, Luxurious Hotels and Apartments etc. where Noise Insulation is required.

·         Made up of Mineral Reinforced PVC.

·         Designed to Meet Strictest Demands for Strength and Other Mechanical Properties.

·         Strong & Durable.

·         Improved Noise Insulation.

·         Smooth Bore & Better Flow.

·         Easy and Leak Proof joints.

·         Light Weight as Compared to CI.

·         Chamfered Pipe Ends.

·         Corrosion-Free.

·         Excellent Chemical Resistance.

·         Good Fire Resistant Properties.



·         Specially compounded to withstand rugged outdoor installation

·         Smooth finish to ensure non choking system

·         Maintenance free

·         Economical

·         UV stabilized to ensure lifetime endurance

·         Modern & smart

·         Durable for hot waste water disposal

·         Easy to install

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