Bend 45°

A 45 degree elbow is also called a "45 bend" or "45 ell". It is commonly used in water supply facilities, food industrial pipeline networks, chemical industrial pipeline networks, electronic industrial pipeline networks, air conditioning facility pipeline, agriculture and garden production transporting system, pipeline network for solar energy facility, etc.

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• Complete SWR range of pipes and fittings - 40, 50, 63, 75, 90, 110, 140 and 160 mm

• 100% leak proof joints

• Unparalleled strength and performance

• High degree of dimensional accuracy, ensuring optimum quality

• UV stabilized

• High chemical resistance

• Special formulation high strength, optimum surface shine and finish, high operating life

• Light weight - The low weight of the system makes it easy to install and reduces transportation, handling and installation costs


• Piping for soil discharge

• Waste discharge

• Venting of gases / smells / bad odors

• Non pressure industrial drainage application (based on chemical compatibility)

• Rain water transportation

• Domestic & commercial drainage

• Replacement of cast iron piping

• Laboratory drainage (based on chemical compatibility)



• 100% leak proof joints

• Collapsible core moulds - ultra modern technology of molding fittings

• Simply pushfit to make joint - saves on installation time, easy to install

• No solvent cement required for making joints - cost effective

• Can be removed or opened - for any adjustment, changes

• Ring does not fall out and allows for thermal expansion and contraction of plastic

• No dimensional variation

• No blowing of fittings to create groove

• High pressure bearing capacity - joint pressure tested at 5 kg/cm2


• High flow rates – no Choking


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