SWR PASS OVER BEND(TYPE 'B'-PIPE) is a faster plumbing Leak proof joints. It is suitable for commercial, industrial, housing and public sector developments.

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Manufacturer and Suppliers for SWR PASS OVER BEND(TYPE 'B'-PIPE)-ASHIRVAD


A leader in the industry, Ashirvad is a hub of creation and product development, holding onto traditional values and revolutionizing technology, but we let our work speak for itself, with 2.7 Million successful installations made in 35 Countries across the globe using Ashirvad Column Pipes. The stringent quality checks at every stage of production, that ensure premium products and maximum customer satisfaction. We strive to make your life easier, with a committed network of representatives across the nation, available to guide you 24/7. We are committed journey to provide the best products for plumbing, agriculture and sanitary applications.

Why only Ashirvad SWR?

Having pioneered the development of CPVC and Column Pipes in India, Ashirvad Pipes launched a new range of SWR Plumbing products on par with international quality standards. Ashirvad products represent the industry benchmark for quality, installation, flexibility and product innovation backed by the highest levels of customer service.

Ashirvad SWR systems include an extensive range of Soil, Waste and Rain Water Plumbing products for commercial, industrial, housing and public sector developments, all built on the strength of our quality and innovation. Ashirvad systems include solvent-weld and push-fit options for both soil, waste and rain water drainage: a comprehensive range of products and accessories.

Industry leading and world class range of solvent and push-fit soil and waste solutions offer unrivalled installation options, high quality finish.


Design Features:

·         Faster plumbing. Leak proof joints: Ashirvad SWR systems have unparalleled strength and performance, with a high degree of dimensional accuracy, ensuring optimum quality.

·         Complete range of SWR system: Ashirvad offers an industry leading range of Solvent-fit and Push-fit Soil, Waste and Rainwater Plumbing Systems that are suitable for commercial, industrial, housing and public sector developments. These systems are available in 40, 50, 63, 75, 90, 110, 140 and 160 mm in both solvent and ring/washer type.

·         Corrosion and abrasion resistant: Ashirvad SWR pipes have excellent corrosion resistance. Maintenance free Ashirvad SWR pipes and fittings do not rust, corrode or promote build-up deposits in the system interior.

·         Cost effective: The many advantages of Ashirvad SWR system ensures a lower capital, installation, maintenance cost compared to other piping systems. The low weight of the system makes it easy to install and reduces transportation, handling and installation costs.

·         Certifications: The many advantages of Ashirvad SWR system ensures a lower capital, installation, maintenance cost compared to other piping systems.


Why SWR pushfit yellow seal advantage?

Tough and reliable leak proof joints: First time in India, advanced co-moulding technology at par with international standards. The Yellow Seal, consists of a plastic reinforced rubber ring which sits in the groove of the socket and is permanently positioned ensuring a 100% leak proof joint, unlike conventional rubber rings, which have a tendency to come out during fitment.


Quality assurances

·         State of the art manufacturing facility

·         Advanced machinery for superior quality

·         Advanced material handling system

·         100% incoming raw material inspection

·         High dimensional accuracy to maintain quality of each piece to ensure a defect free system

·         Stringent quality checks at every level of production

·         100% finished goods quality inspection

·         Multiple quality checks for every Aqualife brass fitting that leaves the Ashirvad factory.

·         Every batch of products is batch tested.


SWR Fittings

SWR fittings manufactured by Ashirvad pipes are available in both Pushfit and Solfit range. Each fitting is tested for pressure of 5 kg / per cm² before it leaves the factory to ensure that every joint gives you a perfect leak proof joint.


Installation Guide and Tips

·         Horizontal suspended pipes

·         As plastic is subject to thermal movement, we recommend that the pipe sockets are held firmly by brackets to prevent them from moving.

·         This ensures that any thermal movement is taken up in the expansion coupling, preventing buckling of the pipe between the supports. Please note that intermediate pipe brackets are for support only and must not restrict movement.

·         The British Standard BS EN 12056-2:2000 recommends that pipe should be supported at the following intervals.

·         Ventilation of Soil and waste System

·         Ventilation of a soil and waste system is necessary to prevent water seals in traps being broken due to negative pressure or pressure fluctuations within the system.

·         Broken seals permit foul air and smells to escape from the system, contaminating the air in and around the building. There are two ways of ventilating a soil stack, either externally to the atmosphere, or with an Air Admittance Valve seated in a non- inhabited space within a building.

·         The termination of an externally vented system must comply with the dimensional requirements illustrated in the diagram shown below.

·         Testing of System: A smoke test or water test is generally done to ensure SWR systems are installed correctly.

·         Water Test:  A water or hydrostatic test is generally used to inspect a completed plastic piping system installation and is the testing procedure recommended by Ashirvad. It is also the most recommended test in most plumbing code standards. The purpose of the test is to locate any leaks at the joints and correct them prior to putting system into operation.

·         Since it is important to be able to visually inspect the joints, a water test should be conducted prior to closing in the piping or backfilling behind the wall/floor.

·         To isolate each floor or section being tested, test plugs are inserted through test fittings in the stack. All other openings should be plugged or capped with test plug or test caps. Fill the system to be tested with water at the highest point. As water fills a vertical pipe it creates hydrostatic pressure. The pressure increases as the height of water in the vertical pipe increases.

·         Ashirvad recommends testing at 5m of hydrostatic pressure (0.5 kg/cm2) or as per the local authority’s guidelines. Filling the system slowly should allow any air in the system to escape as the water rises in the vertical pipe. All entrapped air in the system should be expelled for proper test result.

·         Once the stack is filled to desired level of water column, a visual inspection of the section being tested should be made to check for leaks.

·         If a leak is found, corrective actions must be taken up to find the cause of leak and to repair or replace the joint. Fifteen minutes is a suitable time for the water test. Once the system has been successfully tested, it should be drained and the next section prepared for testing.


Preparing the pipeline for test

·         All joints should be inspected to ensure the correct location of the mark or groove to the coupling socket.

·         Check that minimum cure time has elapsed since the last solvent cement joint has been worked on.

·         Check the tightness of all ties and clamps and correct positioning of piping.


Dos and Donts


·         Ashirvad Co-Molded Yellow Seal Technology (rubber ring) consists of 2 parts- rubber ring (black) which provides the seal tight joint and polymer (yellow) which acts as a retainer giving shape and strength to the ring. The ring will never fall off the grove when pipe/ fitting is inserted. Neither is it easy for the plumber to remove the ring by hand. The ring is made in our own factory and not imported. These rubber rings can be procured as spares.

·         Always encourage the use of lubricant while inserting pipe/fitting. This makes the fitment very easy and the pipe/fitting simply slides inside without much effort. The joint can also be made without using lubricant but the same becomes much harder.

·         The purpose of the lubricant is simply easy installation and is NOT a glue.

·         A joint made with or without the use of lubricant has the SAME pressure withstanding capacity/life/joint strength.

·         The greasy property of the lubricant lasts only for a few hours in the joint, after which it will dry up.

·         Ashirvad pushfit systems are tested to withstanding capacity of 5kg/cm2.



·         DON’T try to remove rubber ring from pipe or fitting.

·         DON’T install pipe in pushfit fitting without rubber ring by trying to apply solvent and thinking it will become leak proof.

·         DON’T Mix ashirvad pipe/ fitting with products from other players as fitment may not match properly leading to leakages.

·         DON’T Mix Pushfit fittings and Solfit pipes.

·         DON’T Use solvent for Pushfit joints.

·         DON’T Use lubricant for Solfit joints.

·         DON’T Cut pipe and make socket by heating and bellowing pipe mouth (manually at site). Buy and use only company made socketed pipe for installation. Ashirvad has the complete range 2ft- 20ft.

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