ASHIRVAD,'SWR Floor Trap','110mm*63mm-110mm*90mm'

Floor trap is a plumbing item that connects two pipes at the ground level, one extending from the top and the other at the ground level. It is L in shape. It is suitable for commercial, industrial, housing and public sector developments.

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Detailed Description for ASHIRVAD,'SWR Floor Trap','110mm*63mm-110mm*90mm'


·         High quality standards and wide range

·         Stronger and Long Lasting

·         Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance

·         UV resistance

·         Quick and convenient installation

·         Quick and efficient removal of waste without leakage

·         Adequate and easy access for cleaning and clearing obstructions

·         Least maintenance

·         Cost Effective



·         For SWR Drainage Systems at homes, offices, hotels, industries, hospitals as well as public places such as airports, railway stations, bus-stands, etc.

·         For overflow lines and chemical waste lines at industries, dairy plants, food processing plants, etc.

·         For vent lines in drainage systems and in mining pits.



·         Corrosion Resistant: uPVC material is unaffected by most of the chemical and is rustproof.

·         Fire Resistant: uPVC is self-extinguishing and so special precautions are necessary during installations.

·         Longer Lasting: Longer lasting due to its inertness to most chemical and superior mechanical properties. Also, it remains unharmed by insects or rodents.

·         Smooth: Smooth inside surface insures effective discharge and high flow rate.

·         Light Weight: Easy to transport and handle.

·         Easy to install: Easy to install and less time consuming than CI or AC systems. Rubber ring sealing ensures leakproof joint.

·         Strong: Strong with high impact strength, can withstand rough handling.

·         Easy to maintain: Smooth inside bore and threaded door caps provide ease of inspection and cleaning.

·         Durable: No scale formations.

·         Economical: Economical in every way. All these advantages add up to a significant cost reduction.

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