ASHIRVAD,'SWR Multi Trap With Out Jali','90mm-140mm'

Multi Trap With Out Jali is connected to multiple pipes that enable the flow of fluid through multiple outgoing pipes of the plumbing system. It is suitable for commercial, industrial, housing and public sector developments.

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·         It is designed for High-Rise Buildings and Premium Construction Projects like Hospitals, Luxurious Hotels and Apartments etc. where Noise Insulation is required.

·         Made up of Mineral Reinforced PVC.

·         Designed to Meet Strictest Demands for Strength and Other Mechanical Properties.

·         Strong & Durable.

·         Improved Noise Insulation.

·         Smooth Bore & Better Flow.

·         Easy and Leak Proof joints.

·         Light Weight as Compared to CI.

·         Chamfered Pipe Ends.

·         Corrosion-Free.

·         Excellent Chemical Resistance.

·         Good Fire Resistant Properties.



·         Specially compounded to withstand rugged outdoor installation

·         Smooth finish to ensure non choking system

·         Maintenance free

·         Economical

·         UV stabilized to ensure lifetime endurance

·         Modern & smart

·         Durable for hot waste water disposal

·         Easy to install

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