ASHIRVAD,'SWR Square Jali','75mm-110mm'

Square jali is usually used in bathrooms and other areas where it is necessary to avoid the stand still water. It enables the water to flow through it into the plumbing system. It is suitable for commercial, industrial, housing and public sector developments.

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·         High endurance

·         Optimum pressure and temperature tolerance

·         Superior performance

·         Dimensional accuracy and Economical



·         Acids and alkalies can be transported through these pipes

·         Environmental Protection

·         Water recharging systems

·         Sanitation purpose

·         Drainage system for home, office, hotels, residential & commercial complexes and hospitals

·         Drainage system for public places such as airports, railway stations, bus stands, hospitals and theatres

·         In main vent lines in drainage system



·         Specially compounded to withstand rugged outdoor installation

·         Smooth finish to ensure non choking system

·         Maintenance free

·         Economical

·         UV stabilized to ensure lifetime endurance

·         Modern & smart

·         Durable for hot waste water disposal

·         Easy to install

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