uPVC reducer bush

uPVC reducer bush is a fitting used in pipe plumbing systems to connect straight pipe or tubing sections, to adapt to different sizes or shapes, and for other purposes.

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Detailed Description for uPVC reducer bush



Light weight

High strength

Less resistance: the inner layer wall is smooth and prevents scum buildup.

Corrosion resistance: excellent resistance to corrosion that is caused by acids, alkaline, chemicals and electricity, therefore causing no stains.

Simple installation: connects easily with solvent cement. It is easy to install and seals well.

Long lifespan: under normal conditions the lifespan can reach up to 50 years.

Low cost: with lower cost of installation, transportation and raw materials, the total cost of the engineering makes PVC-U 30% lower than that of cast iron pipes.

UV-Stabilized,can be exposed to sun light.


High utility designs

Meant for use in pipe fittings works

Cost-effective and durable

Resistant to breakage



1. Water connections for buildings

2. Water distribution systems for bathrooms, washing places, kitchen and toilets in residential buildings, commercial

hotels, hospitals, schools, colleges and public places such as airports, bus station, railway station etc.

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