Bottle Gully Trap With Jali

Designed to hold water and prevent foul odours from escaping from underground drainage systems.

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Detailed Description for Bottle Gully Trap With Jali

Accepts waste water from groundfloor bathrooms, kitchen and utility rooms. 


Single Sided

Double Sided


Strength: Long term stiffness and strength

 Durable: Never corrode and hence meant for long life performance

Flexibility: Various moulded and fabricated fittings for ease of installation and flexibility

Installation: Easy and quick installation compared to traditional drainage system

Cost benefits: Reduced installation cost       

•        Strong and light weight

•        Fire resistant

•        Chemical stability

•        Leak proof joints

•        Maximum flow rate

•        Good insulator

•        Biocompatibility

•        Resistance to chemical stress cracking


•        Light weight and strong

•        Dampening of vibrations and noise level

•        High impact strength

•        Wide temperature range

•        Thermal insulation



•        Water ingress prevention (resulting from filling of hollow space)

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