Gully Trap Inner

Drain covers and gullies offer the perfect way to protect your underground system from a build up of debris.

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Detailed Description for Gully Trap Inner

 Gully traps are buried in the ground with the tops or surround raised above ground level to prevent ground water entering into the sewer. Gully Trap stops sewage from returning up through the system and spilling into a house.

A trap is a device which is used to prevent sewer gases from entering the buildings. The traps are located below or within a plumbing fixture and retains small amount of water. The retaining water creates a water seal which stops foul gases going back to the building from drain pipes. Therefore all plumbing fixtures such as sinks, washbasins, bathtubs and toilets etc. are equipped with traps. This article tells you the features of traps, various types of traps and water seal.    

These traps are constructed outside the building to carry waste water discharge from washbasin, sinks, bathroom etc. and are connected to the nearest building drain/sewer so that foul gases from sewer do not come to the house. These are deep seal traps, the depth of water seal should be 50 mm minimum. It also prevents the entry of cockroach and other insects from sewer line to waste pipes carrying waste water.




  • It may be manufactured as an integral trap with the appliance as in some models of European WC, or it may be a separate fitting called an attached trap, which is connected to waste or foul water outlet of appliances.  
  • The traps should be of a self-cleansing pattern.
  • Traps for use in domestic waste should be convenient for cleaning.
  • A good trap should maintain an efficient water seal under all conditions of flow.  



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