A rug is a textile floor typically covering that consists of an upper layer of the pile which is attached to a backing that is also called as carpets. The materials used are acrylic, nylon of colors like red, black, blue and are being available in customized colors and sizes. The special features of rugs are adding decoration, an overall look which has various uses like the bathroom, beach, camping doors and also has various applications.

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About Rugs:

            The rug is a textile floor that consists of an upper layer of pile which is attached to backing that is also called as carpets which is used for various purposes that includes insulating  persons feet from a cold tile or concrete floor that makes the room more comfortable, reduces sound which adds color or decoration to the room. Adding rugs to the household enhances and furnishes the overall look of the place and also complete the finish of accommodation.

            Rugs are being available in multiple sizes and places as center pieces available in rectangular, square and circular cuts in which the size can be chosen based on the requirement of the customer. Rugs offers a huge spectrum of designs and colors so that it is easy to choose the pattern and the expected piece of choice.


·         Sound proof

·         Stain resistant

·         Eco-friendly

·         Non-toxic

·         Stability

·         Wear resistance

·         Anti pull








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