Granite is a felsic intrusive igneous rock that is granular and phaneritic in texture. The colors can be grey,red,blue etc.. and the granite an be 2 - 3 g / m³etc and the stair material used is natural stone.It is used in Flooring & skirting– both Internal and External areas of living spaceKitchen shelves/ counters/ counter tops/ sink,Dining table tops etc

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  • • Flooring & skirting– both Internal and External areas of living space
  • • Kitchen shelves/ counters/ counter tops/ sink
  • • Dining table tops
  • • Toilet vanity/wash basin top
  • • Internal wall tiling(dado) – above kitchen counter top and Walls of Puja room
  • • External wall tiling (cladding).
  • • Garden benches, hard scaping, etc
  • • Window sills

Available granite products:
Floor tiles, Skirting board, Steps, Risers, Wall tiles, Wall cladding, Countertops, Table tops, Windowsills, Wall tops, Special-shaped tiles, Small slabs, Gangsaw slabs.

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