Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate materials,most commonly calcite or dolomite that can be either foliated or non-foliated.The marble thickness can be 10.5-11mm etc with stone form of Marble tile,cut to size etc of various colors like white,gold etc..It is used in interior, residential, commercial, hospitality,floors,walls, counter tops, edges, steps etc

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1. Resistant to heat,and have a great look & feel. 

2. Looks great even after years and is a low maintenance product. 

3. Marble is a very durable product; however, its durability is less than that of granite.

4. Marble is softer material compared to granite.

5. Easy to clean.



Marble is a very versatile natural stone, having wide range of applications and is used as a building material from centuries. It is majorly used in Flooring, Internal wall tiling (dado), External wall tiling (cladding) both in residential & commercial constructions.

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