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A digital wall tile also known as vitrified tiles or digital tiles is a multi-purpose tiles, which is used to cover walls as well as floors. These digital tiles are commonly used in kitchens , washrooms as they are highly resistant towards moisture and are strong. Their thickness is around 7.5mm to 10mm and come in various sizes of 300mm to 800mm.Vitrified tiles come in various colors like Yellow, blue, brown and white. The surface is either glazed or polished.

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Tiles are playing re-define the apperenace of a home;The usage of these tiles is not just limited to bathrooms , kitchens, but also in living area, balcony, dining room etc. Different types of tiles are recommended for different areas in the house. The digital printed tiles are at the leading position when it comes to picking tiles for living areas.

The digital wall tiles delivers unique and contemporary look by transforming the monotonous look of walls into spectacular artwork and hence are increasingly in vogue. With differnt patterns, unlimited designs,pecular artwork, high resolution printing and good finishing, the digital wall tile is now the most popular trend. The marble and wood finish digital tiles are used to bring opulent outlook very common when compared with high-end luxury tiles that are embossed with various materials like silver, copper, steel and bronze.


·         Strong wear and tear resistant and lower water absorption property

·         Wide variety of patterns and designs

·         Long life time and easy to maintain

·         Multi-purpose use material


·         Stain proof, scratch proof and fire resistant





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