Extended Gear Box

Extended Gear Boxes have High Modular design,high interchangeabilty,short delivery time.They are available in the Torque range of 11.6∼470 kN.m. These gear boxes are used in Hoisting and Transportation,Sea port,Metallurgy and Mining etc

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◆ High Modular design,high interchangeabilty,short delivery time.
◆ It expands the central distance between input and output shaft when the same transmissioncapacity,which avoids the power wasting and meets the mounting dimension.It is especially appropriate for main lifting mechanisms like gantry cranes, bridge cranes and container lifting.
◆ HK05-HK14,housing is HT250 or welding steel.
◆ HK15-HK22 is welding steel housing.
◆ The seal of output shaft part adopts double oil seal with perfect oil leaking resistance and it’s reliable for sealing and more widely applicable to industry.
Main application
◆ Hoisting and Transportation
◆ Sea port
◆ Metallurgy and Mining


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